Bike and Roll DC is pleased to offer rental bikes to participants riding in the 2018 DC Bike Ride

           Bike and Roll DC Rentals Include
      -  Easy bike pick up Saturday at the ride finish area.
    -  Easy bike drop-off at the ride end or nearby location
    -  Optional Early bike pick up Friday
            -  Appropriately sized helmet
            -  Rear rack and bungee cord (except road bikes)
            -  Front handlebar bar bag 
    -  Free pedal installation for road and performance bikes
DC Bike Ride 2018
Saturday, May 19, 2018
On-line reservations are closed as of Monday, February 18, 2019 at 5:00 PM
  • Comfort Hybrid Adult

    Comfort Hybrid Adult

    Our customers find that this is a great and easy bike to ride. With 24 speeds, you can tackle the straight-aways, hills and enjoy the scenery of DC!  Our comfort hybrids come in a variety of sizes fitting customers of all sizes.


  • Performance Bike

    Performance Bike

    Our performance bikes are a little lighter and therefore a little faster than the comfort hybrids.  This Trek FX will get you there with ease while allowing you to ride upright.  If you are looking for performance and are inexperienced with a race bike, this is the model for you!  As of May 14, sizes are limited and will only fit riders 6'1"-6'5" (one bike). 


    Sizes are limited to riders 5'9" to 6'5". Please confirm size with us after you reserve.

  • Kids Bike (ages 9-12)

    Kids Bike (ages 9-12)

    For our young riders.  These bikes are equipped with 8 gears and hand brakes and are suitable for riders 4'4" to 4'11.   Helmets are always included with our bikes!


  • Kids Trailer Tandem-Attaches to Comfort Hybrid

    Kids Trailer Tandem-Attaches to Comfort Hybrid

    For young riders who are not quite ready to steer.  Trailer tandems are attached to  adult comfort hybrid bikes and are designed for riders aged 4- 8.  Riders have their own seat, handlebars and pedals.  Braking and steering is handled by the adult rider.  Kids trailer tandems may only be rented in conjunction with our comfort hybrid bikes.  Minimum age for this ride is 3 years old. 


  • Kids Burley - Attaches to Comfort Hybrid

    Kids Burley - Attaches to Comfort Hybrid

    For our youngest participants!  Designed for kids 2 years and older, our burleys can hold either 1 or 2 riders with a maximum weight of 80 pounds. Kids Burleys may only be rented in conjunction with our comfort hybrid bikes.  The minimum age for this ride is 3 years old. 


  • Race Bike

    Race Bike

    Drop handlebars, speed and agility; Our road bikes are equipped with pedal cages.  Limited sizes available, please reserve early!  As of May 7, sizes are limited to 52, 54 and 60 cm. Please call to confirm after you reserve.


  • Tandem


    Our light-weight tandems will be great fun for two adult riders.  Experience not entirely necessary but we do recommended it!  The minimum height for each riders is 5'1 and we recommend that the front rider (the "Captain") be a minimum of 5'7".